Filming a video in small spaces can be challenging but also offer unique opportunities for creative solutions. The limited space requires careful planning and efficient use of resources. Lighting, sound, and camera angles become even more critical in small spaces, as every detail is magnified. To make the most of the space, it’s essential to choose the right camera and lens, adjust the framing, and use creative camera movements. Additionally, it’s important to control the clutter and distractions in the background to create a clean and professional look. With careful planning and creativity, filming a video in a small space can result in a compelling and engaging production.


For this video, we had only one office and one direction we could shoot in.  As you can see, our background is simple, because our focus was on the women and the messages, nothing else.

Our main lighting source, also known as the Key Light, was large and diffused; this provided soft light on the skin and smooth shadows on the face.  Our subjects were also backlit with two LED tube lights to provide separation from the background. And last but not least, a small diretional light was thrown onto the background for some texture.